Federal Court Information, Statistics, Briefs, Etc.
(US Courts)

The Home Page of the US Courts Website contains a great deal of information and many important links. On the Home Page there are links to different courts. The main four categories are:

U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Court of Appeals U.S. District Courts U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

Aside from these four main categories (located to the right of the screen) the Home Page contains several other links to information about the court system. These links are as follows (in alphabetical order):

About U.S. Courts
Administrative Office
Court Links
Educational Outreach
Electronic Access to the Courts
Federal Rulemaking
Frequently Asked Questions
Judicial Conference
Probation & Pretrial services

The following is a list of links that may be of particular interest to PCAClaw website users.

The Search Page is also an excellent option if you are having a difficult time finding the information you need.

Federal Court Fees
Federal Rulemaking Meetings & Hearings
Judicial Conference Proceedings
National Court information System
Probation and Pretrial Services (System and Officers)
Probation (Treatment Programs)
Researching Rule Ammendments
Rules (Past)
Rules (Pending)
Rules (Proposed)
Rulemaking Process
Statistical Reports