California Court Opinions

The California Court Opinions Website has a great amount of content that is easily accessible from the Home Page.

This website ( appears a number of times in PCAClaw's resources page because it provides a great deal of information regarding the California Courts. This particular link will take you to the Court Opinions section of the COURTINFO.CA.GOV site where there are a few options to look up material.

The Searchable Opinion Page will instruct you to the Lexis Nexis online service to browse the opinions. Upon agreeing to the terms of use you will have free access to the database. (Please note the disclaimers that both COURTINFO.CA.GOV and Lexis Nexis provide).

If you are looking for unpublished opinions, click here.

If you are looking for Review Granted opinions, click here

If you are looking for Slip opinions, click here to search the archives.

Note that the Search Page uses a search engine for the entire site and may not be very helpful in searching for opinions.

Also, there is an Opinion Search Engine on the Search Page of this website.